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Margena Carter

the mind & heart therapist

I am an expert media contributor for TV networks looking for a dynamic licensed marriage and family therapist. Bringing fresh content creation that helps viewers navigate mental health and relationships. Join me on my passionate path in reshaping fears, normalizing therapy, decreasing stigma and cultivating healthy relationship dynamics. 

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Mental health with

margena carter 

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My purpose is to inspire you to live a life on your own terms! Mental health is affecting our nation. My purpose is helping my clients start their journey to discovering their true self. Through my counseling approach I create safe spaces that give people access to mental health therapy with ease. 

My approachable style provides a clear path from clinical psychology to every day application. TV and social media allow me to communicate that therapy is for everyone, everywhere. Therapy is not a luxury, I am working for it to be a norm!

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What I Specialize In...

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In the age of social media the internet has consumed our lives, from social networking, cyber-relationships, compulsive shopping, video gaming & more. I help my clients overcome their addiction to the internet.

Helping parents, couples and families to develop healthy and effective ways of successfully resolving issues. Through improving parenting styles, communication and strengthening trust.



When struggling with mental health problems it makes managing everyday life stressors difficult to handle and cope with, changing your quality of life and well-being.



I leverage mindfulness and meditation as a tool to help my clients minimize their anxiety and manage their depression. Focusing on the HERE & NOW creates space for clarity & healing.


Dating is a journey whether it's interracial, international or on dating apps. I’m here to help you navigate the world of dating. 


"Thank you for being an amazing therapist and helping me out during dark times. Your support has given me so much hope and motivation to strive for the best in life." 

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