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Timothy Hedge Show


Margena Carter stops by the show to discuss mental health.


Ask Nurse Alice Situationships & Ghosting 

On Ask Nurse Alice, your real questions get real answers. Nurse Alice, affectionately known as America's favorite nurse gives you the business along with top health experts, celebrity guests and stories from everyday people.


The Truth about Mental Health, Bipolar Disorder and Self-Care 

On this episode of the Support is Sexy podcast, Margena helps us understand both the nuances and the important insights we need to have about mental illness, as well as some of the dangerous misperceptions and stigma that is attached to it and that she says needs to change so that people feel more at ease asking for support. 

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Interview with Psychotherapist-Margena Carter

Live Radio Show spotlighting hip hop icons, newcomers, the latest & greatest in Hip Hop culture. Uncensored!

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Hinge - Seeing Other People

Ilana and Jonah chat with licensed psychotherapist and mental health expert, Margena Carter, about mental health and dating. Not only can our dating lives can impact our mental health, but our mental health can impact our dating lives.

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